L.P. Gas Hose UL21, CGA Type 1 - Fabric

L.P. Gas Hose UL21, CGA Type 1 - Fabric
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L.P. Gas Hose UL21, CGA Type 1 - Fabric
Manufactured by Various
Product Group Data
Part No.Inside DiameterOutside DiameterWorking Pressure
3/41 15/64350
11 33/64350
1 1/41 55/64350
1 1/22 1/4350
22 55/64350
Application: For liquid or gaseous propane, butane or any combination of these two mixtures. Can be used for natural gas under certain conditions such as: open/outside areas and well ventilated factory buildings.
Tube: Black Nitrile
Cover: Perforated black Neoprene
Reinforcement: Braided, high tensile synthetic textile cord.
Warning! Do not use with male swivel couplings. Do not use with screw-together reattachable couplings.

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