GPI Mechanical - FM100 Series

GPI Mechanical - FM100 Series
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GPI Mechanical - FM100 Series
Manufactured by Great Plains Industries
Product Group Data
Part No.MaterialFlow RangeThreadWorking Pressure
Aluminum4 to 20 GPM1" NPT50 psi
Aluminum3/4" NPT50 psi
Time proven nutating disc meters provide reliable operation. Compact and lightweight cast aluminum housing and special seals for corrosion resistance.
FM-100 includes a self-contained, replaceable fuel filter.
Mount in vertical or horizontal position.
Use with any pump or gravity feed system in the 4-20 GPM output range.
Factory Calibrated in US Gallons for use with gasoline (Alcholo blends E 15), diesel fuel (biodiesel B 20) and Kerosene.
Easily calibrated for a long list of fluids with calibration adjustment screw.

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