Sandblast Hose

Sandblast Hose
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Sandblast Hose
Kink resistant and high stability construction. Easy handling through combination of elasticity, flexibility and kink resistant characteristics. Extreme long lifetime through ultra-abrasion resistant tube.
Manufactured by Goodyear / Veyance
Product Group Data
Part No.Inside DiameterOutside DiameterWorking Pressure
5/81 1/8150
7/81 1/2150
1 1/81 7/8150
1 3/82 5/32150
1 5/82 3/8150
2 1/82 7/8150
Tube: NR/SBR, black, smooth, electrically conductive, highly abrasion resistant.
Reinforcement: Two fabric plies.
Cover: SBR, black, pin pricked, cloth impression.
Maximum length: 50 ft.

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