Booster 800 High Pressure Hose

Booster 800 High Pressure Hose
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Booster 800 High Pressure Hose
"This is a heavy duty hose for high pressure chemical and water booster service on fire engines. Acceptable for short term use with Halon 1211. " Tube and cover compounds resist abrasion and weathering. Tough, yet flexible, for resistance to flexing and surge loads. "Meets NFPA 1961 requirements under current RMA specifications. Meets or exceeds UL92 requirements for 800 PSI Booster Hose. 4:1 safety factor. "
Manufactured by Goodyear / Veyance
Product Group Data
Tube: Black Neoprene.
Cover: Red Neoprene.
Reinforcement: Multiple textile braids.
Bulk Part No.Inside DiameterOutside DiameterWorking Pressure
3/41 1/4800
11 17/32800

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