Industrial Pipe Clamp - Twin Series

Industrial Pipe Clamp - Twin Series
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Industrial Pipe Clamp - Twin Series
"Range From 1/4 to 1 5/8 O.D. " "Polypropylene provides maximum resistance to ultra-violet rays. -22 to 212 F. " "A clamp assembly consists of a weld plate, 2 identical clamp halves, a cover plate or washers and 1 hex head bolt. " Standard weld plates and cover plates are furnished in plain carbon steel or zinc plated finish.
Manufactured by Behringer Pipe Systems
Product Group Data
Twin Tubing Clamp
(1 set req.)(1 req.)(1 req.)(1 req.)
Dec. SizeSizePart No.Part No.Part No.Part No.
0.251/4 tube
0.3753/8 tube
0.51/2 tube
0.6255/8 tube
0.753/4 tube
0.8757/8 tube
11 tube
1.251 1/4 tube
1.51 1/2 tube
Twin Pipe Clamp
0.541/4 pipe
0.6753/8 pipe
0.841/2 pipe
1.053/4 pipe
1.3151 pipe

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