Double Bolt Clamp - Without Saddles

Double Bolt Clamp - Without Saddles
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Double Bolt Clamp - Without Saddles
"A rugged, plated malleable iron two-bolt clamp with machine bolts and hex nuts. Inner surface has dual gripping ridges. Bolt lugs are reinforced to prevent bending out of alignment. " Measure hose O.D. accurately before ordering. Torque values for clamps are based on dry bolts. The use of lubricant on bolts will adversely effect clamp performance.
Manufactured by Dixon Valve & Coupling
Product Group Data
Hose O.D. Range
Part No.From:To:Torque in ft. lbs.
1 8/641 12/6415
1 12/641 24/6421
1 48/642 3/6427
2 7/642 19/6427
2 20/642 40/6440

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