IR Air Reciprocating Saw - Super Duty

IR Air Reciprocating Saw - Super Duty
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IR Air Reciprocating Saw - Super Duty
With increased comfort, performance and durability, this new set-up tool is designed for all types of cutting in aluminum, plastics, fiberglass and sheet metal. Itís the choice for body, exhaust and muffler work. Composite grip area for increased comfort and control. Piped-away exhaust for a cleaner work area. Tease trigger with lock-off for smooth operation and protection against accidental starts. Adjustable guard, integral power regulator, low vibration.
Manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand
Product Group Data
StrokesAv. AirAirMin.
FreePerConsump.@ LoadInletHoseRatedCollet
Part No.SpeedMin.cfmcfmNPTFSizePowerSize

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