Male Test Adapter

Male Test Adapter
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Male Test Adapter
"These handy adpaters can be used for a variety of applications including tapping into your hydraulic system for pressure " readings. Will fit most bleed screw openings.
Manufactured by BrakeQuip
Product Group Data
Part No.ThreadJICThreadOAL
3/8x24 National Fine#3M10x1.2536mm
3/8x24 National Fine#3M10x136mm
3/8x24 National Fine#3M10x1.560mm
7/16x20 National Fine#43/8x24 National Fine37mm
3/8x24 National Fine#31/4x28 National Fine36mm
3/8x24 National Fine#35/16x24 National Fine36mm
7/16x20 National Fine#47/16x24 National Special37mm
3/8x24 National Fine#33/8x24 National Fine36mm
7/16x20 National Fine#4M12x137mm
7/16x20 National Fine#4M10x130mm
3/8x24 National Fine#31/8x28 British Standard Pipe30mm

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