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Manufactured by Eaton - Weatherhead
Product Group Data
Compatible Hose: H104, H145, H245, H280, H425
Assemble with Crimp Machine: T-400-1, T-410-1, T-420-1, T-440, T-460, T-462, T-465, T-480, ET1000, ET4000, ET4020
Part No.ThreadOutside DiameterInside DiameterADEH1
M20 x 1.5123/82.371.380.261.380.94
M22 x 1.5143/82.511.510.261.651.06
M24 x 1.5161/22.91.730.381.931.18
M30 x 2.0205/
M36 x 2.0253/43.662.470.612.541.81
M42 x 2.03014.092.740.812.911.97

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