Non-Conductive Very High Pressure Hose - 3VEO

Non-Conductive Very High Pressure Hose - 3VEO
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Non-Conductive Very High Pressure Hose - 3VEO
Available Only as Tested Assemblies
Manufactured by Eaton - Synflex
Product Group Data
Part No.Inside DiameterOutside DiameterBend RadiusWorking PressureBurst Pressure
3/160.521 1/210,00040,000
1/40.5952 1/210,00040,000
Construction: Non-conductive marking and color code, Orange polymeric non-perforated cover, Spiraled high tensile aramid fiber reinforcement, Nylon-lined core tube
Features: SAE J517 non-conductive hose construction, Less than 50 micro-amperes leakage when subjected to 75,000 volts/ft for 5 minutes, Compact size, Low elongation, UV resistant cover, Designed for permanent high pressure fittings with hose guards.
Applications: General hydraulic systems that may contact high voltage sources, Rescue equipment and tools, Mobile machinery, Aerial equipment

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