Breeze Make-A-Clamp

Breeze Make-A-Clamp
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Breeze Make-A-Clamp
"This is a maintenance clamp system in a box. " "By simply cutting off a piece of banding from a continuous roll, you can make any size 100% stainless steel worm-drive clamp from 2” diameter on up (10 inch or 10 foot diameter, you pick it and you do it in fifteen seconds). " It’s a must for anyone who’s likely to encounter requirements for varying sized large clamps. Reusable. Superior to and more versatile than “crimp/buckle” banding and strapping products.
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Product Group Data
Part No.Contents
Kit with 100 ft. band,
25 adjustable fasteners, 10 band splices
Kit with 50 ft. band,
10 adjustable fasteners, 5 band splices
Box of 10 adjustable fasteners
Box with 100 ft. band, 10 band splices
Box of 10 band splices

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