Husky Automatic Shut-Off - Model X

Husky Automatic Shut-Off - Model X
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Husky Automatic Shut-Off - Model X
General Description: The Flo-Equalizer reduces spit-back. Flo-Stop spout stops fuel flow if nozzle is not in correct dispensing position. Gas-Guard protects customers from splash-back coming in contact with hands or clothing. The “Zip-Clip” one hand hold-open latch easily adjusts flow rate. Spout can be easily replaced by turning one nut. UL and ULC listed. Designed to meet ISO standards.
Manufactured by Husky Corp.
Product Group Data
Body: One piece die cast aluminum
Disc: Viton
Packing: Fiber reinforced Teflon
Lever: One piece contoured steel
Model X Description:
Automatic full tank shut-off nozzle that shuts off:
when the gas tank is full.
when the nozzle falls from the fill pipe.
when the spout raises above the horizontal.
Part No.Inlet

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