Sign Mounting Brack-It

Sign Mounting Brack-It
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Sign Mounting Brack-It
"Used to mount traffic signs securely with Band-It Band and Buckles, Valustrap, Valustrap Plus or " "Free-End clamps. Reinforced with specially designed ribbing, for extra strength, to withstand " "stress and wind vibration. Brack-Its are available with or without bolts. The hex head bolts, " "with metal and fiber washer, require no nuts and are fully threaded to solidly anchor sign. " Mini-Brack-Its are the economical choice when mounting small signs.
Manufactured by Band-It Idex Inc.
Product Group Data
1-Bolt Straight Leg
Part No.Description
Stainless Steel with SS Bolt, Washer and Fiber Washer
1-Bolt Flared Leg
Stainless Steel with SS Bolt and Washer

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